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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/5/14

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FENNBALL IS HERE. It's no Hoiball, but basketball season kicked off with the women thumping William Penn, 99-53, in their season opening exhibition.

SENIORS ARE DIFFERENT FROM FRESHMEN. The seniors for the women's team stood out last night, but so did the freshmen for an entirely different reason.

A BAD MOODY. No one knows how long Nikki Moody's suspension will be.

MORRIS COUSY. Monte Morris is on the Cousy Award Watch List, which is given annually to the best point guard in the nation.

MILLER IS NO MAS. Jevohn Miller will miss the remainder of the season after shredding his ACL against Oklahoma.

We've been hard on you around here Jevohn, but your move to MIKE benefited you in ways no one would have seen coming and you were one of the few bright spots on a defense that sorely needed it this season.  Best of luck in the future young man.

MANGINO NOT WORRIED. Mark Mangino is paying little attention to his return to Lawrence this week, instead focusing on improving an offense that took a step back against Oklahoma.

KANSAS QUOTABLES. Alex Halsted at Scout has this week's quote book from Kansas.  Little known fact, Kansas switched play caller duties this past week, which is sure to make Wally Burnham's tough job even tougher.

PLAYOFF UPDATE. The new College Football Playoff rankings were released last night, and Oregon slides into the 4th spot after Ole Miss' second loss in as many weeks.  Here's how the Big XII is stacking up in the race to the playoffs, and how the bowls would look if the season ended today.

THINGS LEARNED. Some good news did come out of the new rankings: the SEC isn't likely to put two teams in to the playoff.

IMPROBABLE. This week's Numerical talks about the improbability of Florida beating Georgia.

FAMOUS WRITE-INS. Looks like we weren't the only ones writing in prominent head coaches for political office.

BRIAN KELLY DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. Kelly rants about the SEC scheduling FCS teams in November (valid point), but forgets that his own team's SoS is 49th according to Sagarin.

ALL DAY PROBATION. That and a $4,000 fine is all it took for Adrian Peterson to plea his way out of his legal troubles.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Another great World Series finish, and another great recreation in RBI Baseball.


FRESH TAKES. As we often do around here when things go south, we turn our attention to beer.  With Halloween gone and the temps dropping we inch closer to it being "the season", and with that in mind here's Deadspin's review of Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale.