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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/6/14

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SAM HURT? There's a big rumor going around that Sam Richardson is too injured to play in his favorite venue.

EVEN FASTER. The Cyclones want to speed up the pace even more this season.

ENDURING. The men's team has made it through a tough stretch of injuries and sickness and now look to go on all cylinders.

CUSTER'S BEEN HITTING UP THE COEDS. Clayton Custer talks about his bout with mono.

STUDENT ATHLETES. The four student-athletes for the month of October have been announced, featuring two football players.

TOO MANY INJURIES. Steve Malchow finds that the Cyclones have had the second-fewest number of consistent starters in the Big 12.

2 SETTERS, 1 SWEEP. Iowa State changed up their look and thoroughly dominated #22 Kansas State at Hilton last night.

BAYLOR'S GOING DOWN? Ian Boyd previews OU-Baylor and says that the Bears' playoff hopes die this Saturday.

NOT THIS WEEK. Despite some hilarious woe is me posts in last week's gamethread, there is no Iowa State mention in This Week In Schadenfreude.

IS LATTIMORE THE CASE TO PAY ATHLETES? Marcus Lattimore is done in the NFL after too many injuries... is his tale a good case to at least let college athletes take endorsements?

IT GETS WEIRDER. The Skal Labissiere story gets even stranger with the new that his new school cancelled their first game because he is sick.

OLE MISS AD IS MAD. An Auburn newspaper got a nice letter from Ole Miss' AD over using the Treadwell injury pic as their lead.

EVEN BETTER IN FLIPBOOK MODE. Vladimir Tarasenko's ridiculous goal is immortalized via flipbook.

SAY WHAT? Ricky Rubio's "what the hell are you talking about" face is fantastic.

BUTT GOAL! Exactly how the Rangers drew it up.

MORE SNAKE IN THE COOLER. The Phoenix Suns get hit with the new running prank.

TOM BRADY IS IMPRESSED. Rob Gronkowski's ridiculous catch got even super serious Tom Brady incredulous.