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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/7/14

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COORDINATORS TALK KANSAS. Wally Burnham and Mark Mangino talk about facing everyone's favorite whipping boy.

5 THINGS TO WATCH FOR. Chris Williams talks about the five things to watch for during tonight's exhibition.

MAKING AN IMPRESSION. Sherron Dorsey-Walker sees tonight as his big opportunity to show that he deserves more minutes.

BIGGER ROLES. Kane Seeley and Alton Meeks prepare for larger roles in the wake of Jevohn Miller's season-ending injury.

ALL BUSINESS. Mark Mangino cares little for your emotional return to Lawrence story angle.

MORE RUNNING. Pushing the ball even more is the focus of this year's team.

NO? Tommy Birch ponders if the Cyclone fanbase is still sold on the team.

COACH PICKS AD? Should Michigan let its next coach pick their next AD?

PUT ON SOME PANTS DAMMIT. Pantsless mascots get panted.

PRODIGY. 11 year old Aito Aguchi is probably better than you at hockey.

NICE TWEETS? After all the mean tweet reading, the Cavs decided to cheer up their poor performing players by having them read nice tweets.

IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE. One way to deal with Iowa State's season is to remember that at least we're not SMU.

ALMOST THERE. This halfcourt shot attempt is just the worst.