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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/1/14

Turkey hangovers are the worst.

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Cyclone Football

AGAIN. The Cyclones gave us some awesome moments but ultimately failed to deliver a win.

Cyclone Mens Basketball

DUE RECOGNITION. Monte Morris finally gets some attention from the media.

Cyclones Womens Basketball

DO THEY MAKE A VACCINE FOR THAT? After a horrible shooting night for the men on Tuesday, the Cyclone women lose to St. Mary's for similar reasons.  Naz and Brynne, we're looking at you as the transmission vector.

BALANCED ATTACK. When they are shooting well, though, the Cyclones spread the love.

Cyclones Wrestling

CYHAWK SHUTOUT BROKEN.  The Hawkeyes rode some Carver Karma to their 11th straight victory over the Cyclones to score their first points of the season in the CyHawk Series.

Cyclones Volleyball

WEEKEND BRIGHT SPOT. Cyclones Volleyball scores a berth in the NCAA Tournament.  For those interested, it looks like #1 Stanford will be coming to Ames for the Regional sets.

Other NCAA

AT LEAST WE'RE NOT UAB BAD. University of Alabama Birmingham moves to fire their Athletic Director and shut down their football program altogether.

BUGEATERS UPSET. Bo Pelini's players are not happy about his ouster.