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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/11/14

Iowa State Basketball

BRYCE ARRESTED. Bryce Dejean-Jones was arrested last night.

THE TEARS OF INFINITE SADNESS. Iowa players recall their loss at Hilton last year.

I BET MCKAY CAN GIVE YOU A REFERENCE. Deonte Burton is transferring from Marquette, so he should probably ask Scott Christopherson or Jameel McKay for advice.

RETRO DIARY. Let's look back at last year's Cy-Hawk game with Kirk Haaland.

Iowa State Football

COTTON-MOYA HONORED. One of the few bright spots on defense for the Cyclones this year was honored with a Big 12 defensive freshman of the year selection.

MORE ALL-BIG 12ERS. E.J. Bibbs made the first team, while 6 other players garnered some mention on the All-Big 12 teams.

Around The Country

HOLY SHIT WISCONSIN. You just lost your head coach to Oregon State for some reason, and you're going to let THIS guy help you find the next coach?

THANKS, HATERS. Jon Lester responded to a lot of hate tweets.

EFF. THAT. Guarding a 7 foot 5 guy in high school is not fun.

HEISMAN AMAZING. The most amazing stat from each Heisman contender.