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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/12/14

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Iowa State Men's Basketball

DESUSPENDED-JONES. As we all know, Bryce Dejean-Jones will be sitting out tonight's game in Iowa City and now the team must adjust without him.

BUT IT'S NOT OVER. Despite the single game suspension, the story isn't over as Dejean-Jones could still face the same drug charge that was originally dropped.

NIANG AIN'T AFRAID. Georges Niang knows it will be tough in Carver Hawkeye tonight, but he ain't scurred.

THE BIG OLE PREVIEW. Kirk Haaland previews tonight's match up and comes to a lot of the same conclusions as our own cylentbutdeadly.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

CARVER 1, ISU 0. Carver Hawkeye Arena claims its first victim in the series as the Cyclone women fell to the lady Hawkeyes last night.

Around the Country

IOWA IS SO GREAT. Iowa is the best state for basketball this season.

SB NATION ALL-AMERICA TEAM. Football still exists in certain areas of the country, and most of those areas landed a player on the SB Nation All-America Team.

IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER. Former Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst will leave his job at Pitt and return to lead the Badgers.

JAGS GOTTA WIN AT SOMETHING. A Texans fan was an idiot and posted too much information on Twitter about his flight to Jacksonville for this weekend's game.  So a Jags fan canceled his trip.

JOHNNY NATION. Fox changed their coverage of this weekend's NFL games once Johnny Manziel was announced as the Browns' starter.

DARREN ROVELL = CUPID. How to hit on girls from Tinder using only tweets from Darren Rovell.