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The Mid-Morning Dump -12/15/14

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Iowa State Men's Basketball

CYCLONE STATE! Naz Long and Abdel Nader lead the 'Clones over the Hawkeyes in a strangely beautiful game.

SHOWING THE LOVE. A GIF of Georges sending out all his love to the Hawkeye faithful.  Such a nice guy.

TEARCUP REFILL. Some afterthoughts on the game from a Quad Cities perspective.

HANGOVERS SUCK. The Cyclones looked a bit hungover at the start and through large portions of Sunday's match with Southern but pulled out a forgettable win.

OJELEYE TO THE CARDINAL AND GOLD COURTESY PHONE, PLEASE. Duke forward Semi Ojeleye decides to beat the post season rush and declare  his burning desire to play for Fred Hoiberg availability on the transfer market.

WELL, DUH. Our own Bvfour3 asks a silly question.


ESCALATING QUICKLY. Georges up to the fourth spot in the Fansided Naismith Watch.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

PINE BLUFF OR PAIN IN THE BUTT? The Cyclone women fend off University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff after a slow start and general dentist's visit of a game.

JOKE TIME. You've heard the one about a blonde that goes to the doctor and says "Doctor it always hurts when I do this" and the Doctor says then don't do that?  Yeah, Jadda Buckley is smarter than that.  And has a stress injury in her foot.

Iowa State Football

TWO STEPS FORWARD. ISU picks up commitments from JUCO DT prospect Bobby Leath and CR-Washington WR Landen Akers.

ONE STEP BACK. Defensive tackle Devlyn Cousins arrested for domestic assault.

Around the Nation

ZACH LAVINE HAS NO SENSE OF THE HISTORY. Kobe Bryant surpasses Michael Jordan as the third all-time highest scorer in the NBA.  With a free throw.

FOOTBRAWL TIME! The Jets and The Sharks Titans rumbled after some heat between Geno Smith and Jurrell Casey.

RAISE YOUR CAN. The Godfather has Colorado State ramming their way into's Top 25+1.

TRAGEDY AT AUBURN. Auburn freshman TE Jakell Mitchell was murdered over the weekend.

SOMEONE WON SOME KIND OF AWARD. Marcus Mariota wins some dumb football award in New York City.  Oregon State shows how much classier they are than me with a tribute to their in-state rival.