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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/16/14

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Iowa State Basketball

SORRY, AMES. Bryce Dejean-Jones apologizes for his lack of a nighttime voice and denies his use of marijuana.

PICK N ROLL 101. Kirk Haaland checks out the Cyclone pick and roll.

NADER TREYDER. 2 Minute Timeout looks into the emergence of Abdel Nader.

POSITIVE POSITIVES. Emily Durr talks about how the lack of negative recruiting from Iowa State really influenced her to come to Ames.

Iowa State Football

LEVI! Levi Peters has earned a scholarship to go along with his massive beard.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS. Tom Farniok looks back at his projections out of high school and is happy with what he's done.

Around The Country

LARRY LEGEND. Larry Eustachy has two new addictions: Diet Coke and winning games. It's always good to see the Godfather doing well.

ADAPTATION. The Cotton Bowl will be one of the most interesting matchups of bowl season, as both Baylor and Michigan State will have to play differently to win.

JFC, MICHIGAN. Michigan fans made a NyanBaugh for Jim Harbaugh. At least they didn't make the 10 hour long version though.

MURDEROUS ZAMBONI. Hockey arenas aren't exactly well ventilated, so when a Zamboni goes awry, it's not a good thing.

LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Atlanta made a rendering of their new stadium, and they're losing in it.

LEAVE JAY ALONE! Everyone was piling on Jay Cutler last night.

KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS. Andrew Luck doesn't get angry.. he just compliments players on the other team and it freaks them out.

WELL, THAT SUCKS. North Florida got hit with the same dunking in warmups technical Iowa State got hit with, except they lost by two.

EXPECTATIONS VS. RESULTS. Let's just say Iowa State was not a Georgia Southern this season.

HAWKINS SPEAKS OUT. Andrew Hawkins caused a big stir between the Cleveland police and the Browns, and he's speaking out about it now.