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Sherron Dorsey-Walker to Transfer

It was announced Tuesday that the Iowa State sophomore guard will leave the school.

Paul Halfacre-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Goodman, nearly always the first to do it, broke news early Tuesday evening that sophomore guard Sherron Dorsey-Walker will transfer from Iowa State.

Dorsey-Walker appeared in just three games in 2014-15 averaging three points and 13 minutes per.

Dorsey-Walker was a DNP 22 times in his career, 16 as a freshman, where he averaged six minutes in 20 games played. It's a little bizarre to think about initially but until Dorsey-Walker scored a bucket in the season opener against Oakland this season, he hadn't made a field goal since Dec. 2 of last year against Auburn. He had 11 field goals for his entire career.

Simply, there were too many cooks in the kitchen backcourt for Dorsey-Walker to have any semblance of long-term success as a Cyclone, perhaps also hindered by his ability to fit in only one position on the court. Even in the absence of Matt Thomas early on this season, Dorsey-Walker never capitalized on some abundant playing time, appearing hesitant and lost at times.

Much like the Jordan Raileys and Percy Gibsons that came before him, Sherron Dorsey-Walker will fit somewhere else; somewhere where more opportunity will spur more confidence. He's from Detroit and received an offer from Central Michigan among five others in 2011. It's purely speculation and educated guessing at this point, but CMU could be a nice fit for Dorsey-Walker. Head coach Keno Davis (yes, that one) has typically gotten the most out of his guards, including Marshon Brooks at Providence, Josh Young at Drake and current Chippewa stud Chris Fowler.

We at Wide Right & Natty Lite always hoped for the best for you, Sherron, and we wish you good luck and loads of playing time down the road.