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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.

Hello and welcome to the second (first?) edition of the WRNL Hotbox.  Last week, I asked YOU PEOPLE to stuff the Hotbox with questions and/or comments.  And boy, did you deliver.  I have too many options to choose from here.  But there is no way in hell I'm going to respond to every single question.  So, I am going to pick 10 or so of my favorite and go from there.  Some of you will have the wonderful privilege of communicating with the Hotbox.  The Hotbox has chosen you and you shall be grateful.  Inevitably, some will be left out and ignored.  Deal with it, people.  If you get upset that your question/comment didn't make it, the Hotbox recommends to GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER, and try again.

Let's get it on.


Will Hogue rebound like last year? and if not, what is the difference.

Well since you asked this question on Dec. 10th, Dusty has began to answer this question for us.  He had 13 big boards against Iowa and 7 against Southern.  These are both well above his average.  I attribute most of his 13 boards against Iowa for that he was playing the 3 position much more.   With Edozie getting the start in place of BDJ, Dusty slid over to the 3 and dominated the boards.  It was beautiful.  Then the hangover happened against Southern and Dusty was back more at the 4.  The rebounds dipped a bit.  With the introduction of McKay on Saturday, I expect Dusty's boards to start getting back to where they were last year.  FEAR THE FLAIL.


Would you trade Hoiberg for Nick Saban?  On a ten year deal.  Hoiberg is gone for ten years and a new mbb coach is hired, but we get Saban as head football coach for 10 years.

My initial reaction to this is yes.  Everyone thinks once Nick Saban starts coaching a college football team, they are bound to win a national championship or twelve.  But what he doesn't know is this is Ames, Iowa and "football" doesn't get "played" real good here.  He'd show up, turn the program around in couple years, but max out with like 8 wins.  He'd get so utterly pissed at the situation he'd leave for Texas for $10 mill a year.  So then we'd be double fucked.  No football, no basketball, and NO DREAMY.  THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE.  Nope.  Not happening.  Dreamy stays gets us a title, and Saban wins all the titles somewhere else.


What are the chances Monte is a 4 year man?  I don't see him going pro after this year but if he stays on track and improves, as expected, think he will be gone after next?

I am going to put the odds on him being a four year guy at 50-50.  He certainly has most of the attributes the NBA is looking for in point guards.  But is just barely lacking in two areas.  Shooting and size.  He can certainly shoot, but not yet at an NBA caliber level.  With time and many more wins, that will improve.  But size?  He can get stronger which will definitely help, but he probably isn't getting much taller.  If he continues to play at such a high level, the height might not matter so much.  I obviously want him around for all four years, but his game might bring the NBA calling after his junior year.  Just do you Monte, we really love it.


If you had to choose... Fran as the new bball coach?  Or Ferentz as fball coach. I threw up in my mouth typing this.

Easy.  Ferentz by a mile.  We have Dreamy and I would consider NO ONE to replace him.  Ferentz would probably get us 6 wins every year and we'd be more than content during the fall.


How does Hoiberg regroup his basketball team and remind them about keeping shit cool so they don’t get arrested?  Thomas for DUI recently, wasn't there someone else arrested since last season now as well?

Gonna answer your second question, first: It was Nader with the same charge as Thomas.  And to answer your first question, second: suspend BDJ for a game and give a lobotomy to the Hawkeyes in Carver?  Yeah, that should work.  This let BDJ know that, "We can win with you or without you.  Your choice, friend."  Dreamy with the perfect decision yet again.

Bleed Red, Pee Gold,

Why is Hoiberg not wearing the neck tie anymore?  He's done this 3 games in a row.

This streak is now at 5 games.  It's probably a superstition thing or maybe it's just him expressing his offensive system with his wardrobe.  Free-flowing and beautiful.  Who cares it's working and I love it.  He went from Dapper Dreamy to Dashing Dreamy.  He might be more of Casual Dreamy now, but that doesn't start with a D.  I'm sticking with Dashing Dreamy.  I hope you do, too.  #DashingDreamy

Bleed Red, Pee Gold,

At this time next year, which of these stories is most likely to appear on the front page of WRNL?
"Paul Rhoads fired as ISU football coach after second straight 2-10 season."
"ISU football program excited about return to bowl game after two-year absence."
"Top 5 Iowa State basketball squad prepares for upcoming home game against Iowa."

It's either between the first or last scenario.  My brain can't fathom a way the football team wins six or more games after what we just witnessed this year.  So that's out.  CPR being fired after two win season?  I can totally see it, but I really think it will be closer to 4 wins, which still might not be enough to stomp this tire fire out.  And a top five ISU basketball squad next year?  That was being predicted before THIS season even started.  If all the seniors are back and we pull Chieck Diallo after a deep run in the tourney?  Mark it down.


Hey There HotBox readers,

Wow how lucky are we to have a safe space to share our deepest darkest feelings. Lets just take a minute to thank CydLiner for making this place a reality.

So I’m young and fun. But I have a serious problem. I’m a grower, but not quite a show-er.. If ya know what I mean.

Honestly I don’t know how the family genetics made it to this point. Here’s my question. How do I get girls to just "give me the chance to grow", both physically and emotionally.

Any advice at this point would be great.

Also, do you think we should change our recruiting strategy in football to a more Midwestern focus, sacrificing talent on the outside for a stronger core? Games are won at the line, and building outward from the football could lead to greater success while the rest of college football attempts to build outside to in.

Thanks for your help!

Well YoungAndTroubled, you seem to have a lot of trust with this blog.  You threw out a very personal thing about yourself and I commend you for it.  This is what the spirit of the Hotbox is all about.  But to your "situation".  You just need to either find a partner who really loves you for you (unlikely), or just be rich.  Being rich is also a surefire way to a woman's heart.  Just be rich.

To your football question: I actually like this idea.  We try to run a spread with lesser athletes and it doesn't quite work.  If we can try to be more like NDSU or KSU and get some big ol corn-fed boys upfront?  I'm up for it after we see one more year of Mangino.  But get those big uglies on the defense, pronto.  That "defense" even made Johnnie Cochran confused.


Is it true that WRNL will be partnering with sky mall to sell ISU/WRNL branded merchandise such as this?


We will finish off with an excerpt from a wonderful story about a former Cyclone:


We all gathered in one room and huddled up around him and he asks "Any of you know how to shoot dice?" He proceeded to produce a pair of dice and not only teach us how he played growing up, but hung around until eleven or so with us. It was absolutely fantastic, and he could not have been a more amicable guy.

The next day was Friday and our last there. Justus shows up wearing a hat that says "Don’t ask me 4 shit". As we were getting ready to play some kid on the other team recognized who he was. This kid came up and immediately drops that he’s from Michigan. Justus turns, looks him up and down, and then points at his hat. This kid keeps on talking and Justus just shakes his head, and points to his hat. Undeterred the kid keeps on rolling. Justus finally says " Can’t you fucking read? Don’t ask me for shit!!!"

In our huddle before the game Justus told us to "crush this team because that kid fucking annoys me". Thank god we won.

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"Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven."
-William Shakespeare