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Wide Right & Natty Lite Bowl Pick'em Contest

Here we are again in mid-December, picking bowl games instead of playing in one. Enter for a chance to win an ever-popular "3SUS SAVES" t-shirt and bragging rights for a year.

David Purdy/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2015 Wide Right & Natty Lite Bowl Pick'em Contest.

Another football season has passed in which "bowl eligibility" conversations began to trail off in early October, but we're excited to at least offer the Internet's greatest Iowa State community one last hurrah before we transition out.

As in years past, we will be using the Yahoo Fantasy "College Bowl Pick'em" format for our contest. Take a few minutes to log in (create a Yahoo profile if you haven't already) and join the "Wide Right & Natty Lite" group. You'll need a password to join, and this year I've chosen "dumpsterfire".

Group ID: 16336

Password: dumpsterfire

Link to Join

Direct link to group (for use once you have joined)

I can't imagine there are any objections.

Once you've logged in and joined the group, create an entry using (preferably) your WRNL username. This will help us identify you — yes, you! — after you've won the contest and are ready to receive your prize. As you'd expect, the prize will be awarded to the entry with the most (confidence) points which you will assign, 1 through 39, to each game.

If you require further explanation on confidence points, please Google it.


The prize this year will be a "3SUS SAVES" t-shirt, as seen here. As long as Naz continues to dazzle from long distance, this is an article of clothing that will never cease to be awesome. You want this in your wardrobe.

As you know, bowl season is fast approaching. The New Orleans Bowl, featuring Louisiana-Lafayette and Nevada, kicks off at 10:00 a.m. this coming Saturday, so be sure to join now and get your picks entered.

It is my legal obligation to also mention that all participants are subject to the official rules found here.

All that said, happy holidays, happy picking, good luck, Go State, and maybe Wally Burnham should find a new line of work.