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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/19/14

Iowa State Football

SHOP WITH A COP. Members of the football team helped kids shop with a cop for Christmas presents.

BIG TIME CLASS. It's additions to a 2-10 team, but ESPN loves Iowa State's midseason additions.

UNSUNG HERO. Lost in the shuffle of the lost season is D'Vario Montgomery's breakthrough, which ESPN honors.

Iowa State Basketball

PATIENCE, PLEASE. Jameel McKay may have had the most hype on this year's team during the preseason, even more so than BDJ, but Fred Hoiberg is tempering some of that.

AND WHAT'S JAMEEL THINK? The big man himself talks about his debut.

IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? Travis Hines investigates if it's possible for McKay to fulfill the hype.

Around The Country

NOT IN THE PLAYOFF, BUT... TCU is #1 among the Top 25 for academics.

ABOUT THEIR GAME. Ole Miss and TCU's game is previewed by Ian Boyd.

THAT'S A FUN NIGHT. Mark Cuban finalized the trade for Rajon Rondo while backstage at Colbert's last show

NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS GAME. NFL Network used the Jags-Titans game as a driving range, while the Jags mascot smashed cakes in people's faces.

MANNHEIM BEVOROLLER. The LHN is going to air 5 hours of a cow hanging out on Christmas.

IS THIS CHEATING? We've all seen the punching bag game at the bar, but this dude changed up the rules/spirit a bit.

DAY ONE. Bowl season is upon us!