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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/2/14

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Iowa State Football

DEFINITELY NOT GETTING CANNED. Jamie Pollard continues to support/make excuses for his embattled football coach.

COLLEGIATE BOWL FOR FARNIOK. Despite a disappointing season, Tom Farniok was recognized and invited to the NFLPA's Collegiate Bowl.

NOT GOING TO RUN IT UP. Despite Paul Rhoads' concerns that TCU will go for 100, Gary Patterson says he will employ the Golden Rule.

WILL WE SEE BIBBS? Was the Texas Tech game the last time we'll ever see E.J. in a Cyclone uniform?

Iowa State Basketball

LOOKING BACK AT SADNESS. Fred Hoiberg looks back at the disappointment of last Tuesday.

BACK TO HOIBALL. The team feels like getting back to the basics of Fred Hoiberg basketball will get them back on track.

Iowa State Volleyball

SEVEN STRAIGHT. #LiberoU continues to be a thing as Caitlin Nolan won the Big 12 Libero of The Year award.

Around The Country

ONE TRUE CHAMPION? Jake Trotter looks at what the Big 12's slogan really means, and how it affects playoff selection.

IT'S OVER AT UAB. The school just made a bowl game, but it looks like the football program will be shut down.

NO THANKS, FLORIDA. Hugh Freeze's extension with Ole Miss will mean an end to a possibility of him at Florida.

UNHAPPY RETURNS. With rumors abound of Jim Harbaugh going to Michigan, here's why NFL coaches don't go back to college.

ODELL, YOU FREAK. One handed catches aren't all that's in Odell Beckham's repertoire.

ARGUING ABOUT APOLOGIES. The Rams either apologized or felt bad for what happened during the game Sunday.

THIS COULD EASILY BE SAID OF A CHILD AT ISU FOOTBALL. Jets kid finds he needs beer to stomach a two win team.

ALMOST AWESOME. It looked like a monster dunk. Until it wasn't.

MARCUS SMART WOULD BE PROUD. Leeds United's Adryan flops around like he's been shot about seven times.