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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/22/14

It was a quiet week in Ames, Iowa, my adopted home town...

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Iowa State Men's Basketball

DID WHAT IT SAID ON THE TIN. Jameel McKay finally got to see the floor and, while he didn't turn out to be Superman, he helped a cast of thousands (ok dozens) {fine, one bakers dozen} steamroll Drake.

FOR THOSE OF YOU LIVING IN CAVES. Marquette transfer Deonte Burton committed to ISU Saturday night after the win.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

WHO'S GOT THE HOT HAND? Anthony Zilis at the Tribune asks a silly question.

SHE'S GOT THE HOT HAND! Brynne Williamson answers with authority in win over Fairfield.

Around College Basketball

STICK TO BASKETBALL, HARRELL.  Louisville's all-star freshman Montrezl Harrell gets suspended for throwing a wimpy, inaccurate punch.

TRIGGER WARNING. The 41-7 halftime score of UCLA v. Kentucky was familiar enough to trigger flashbacks in ISU football fans.  But it sure was nice of Steve Alford to wrap Burton up in such a nice bow for us.

DIDN'T END WELL FOR CROMWELL, EITHER. The Virginia Cavaliers rode roughshod over the Harvard Roundheads Crimson en route to a 76-27 win.

LIKE JENNIFER GREY IN RED DAWN.  B1G futility continues as the Michigan State Spartants fell to another underdog, this time to Texas Southern.

Around College Football

NOW THAT'S A BOWL GAME. The inaugural of the modern Camelia Bowl had a little bit of everything.  Coaches getting kicked in the face, officials getting injured by fan throw objects, and a miffed kick from the one inch line.  Plus this from the MAC.

SOME MORE BOWL HIGHLIGHTS. The opening weekend of Bowl Season had a fair bit of excitement.

PAID FOR BY AUCTIONING THE HONOR TO A LONGHORN FAN. Texas A&M imploded part of Kyle Field to make way for stadium improvements.

FATHERLY ADVICE. Take the money you idiot! Jim Harbaugh's family is reported to be encouraging him to take the Michigan job.  You'd think $8 million a year would be enough encouragement.

CORNFED'S TINFOIL HAT TIME.  Could Johnny Majors be sending out a message to Paul Rhoads?