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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/23/14


Iowa State Basketball

SHARING IS CARING. The ability to pass the ball is Iowa State's greatest asset.

FERNSTROM WINS ANOTHER. Bryanna Fernstrom picked up her second Big 12 freshman of the week award.

Around The Country

WOULD RATHER HAVE CHRISTMAS, THANKS. Rex Grossman is perfectly happy having family over for the holidays instead of playing for the Browns.

MORMONS VS. FEDEX. BYU and Memphis had an all-out brawl during the Miami Beach bowl (so it's Pitbull's fault?) yesterday.

PROBABLY ALL PACKER SEASON TICKET HOLDERS. A bunch of randos with various qualifications applied for the Wisconsin head coaching vacancy.

WHAT THE HELL, KU. Temple blew out Kansas by 25. TWENTY FIVE.

REVERSE RACISM, OBVIOUSLY. Bill Walton's just going to pretend like this play is the "play of the millennium."

PLAYING AGAINST THEMSELVES. Kentucky's toughest foe might be themselves this season.

PRINCE JAMES. LeBron's kid is already pretty damn good at basketball.

WHY IS THE FCS IN REVERSE? The North dominates FCS football. Why?