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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/24/14

'Twas Christmas Eve, and not a soul was working.

Iowa State Basketball

BURTON OFFICIAL. Not that there seemed like there was any chance of reneging, but Deonte Burton's transfer to Iowa State is legitimate now.

THE MOST INTERESTING ASSISTANT COACH IN THE WORLD. Cornell Mann love basketball, but he has many other hobbies to love, too.

FASTER IS BETTER. A GO GO GO attitude has helped Clayton Custer perform better on the court.

Iowa State Volleyball

THE YEAR IN REVIEW. look back at another successful year for Iowa State.

Around The Country

DONE DEAL? Michigan seems confident they have their next head coach.

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IS ALIVE. The Seahawks sent one fan a present that made him cry.

MUCH LETTERS. SO RECRUITED. bathtub of recruiting mail!

RUNNIN' RASHADS GET IT DONE. Another undefeated goes down as Rashad Vaughn's UNLV team holds on to beat Arizona.

CONSUMERISM! Buying one thing from each bowl game's sponsor.