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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/29/14

Iowa State Basketball

OF COURSE 3SUS IS ALL ABOUT SACRIFICE. Rob Gray writes about the journey Naz Long has taken to get to this point in his basketball career.

CYCLONE CHALLENGE. Iowa State will host Brown, UC Riverside, and Howard in the Cyclone Challenge.

BUCKLEY STILL BROKEN. Jadda Buckley will spend the two games of the Cyclone Challenge on the bench.

Around The Country

OH, WHAT'S THAT LIKE? How TCU went from disappointing to big time in 9 months.

GREAT GAMES TODAY. Well, we're through the doldrums of bowl season, with three fairly legit matchups today.

IS MARYLAND LEGIT? Taking a look at a surprising Maryland team, Iowa State's lone loss on the year.

DIRTY SUH? Ndamukong Suh adds to his list of dirty plays with this step on Aaron Rodgers.

EVEN IOWA STATE HOLDERS COULD DO IT BETTER. This is a pretty damn awful attempt at a fake punt.

LET'S STICK TO RETURNING PUNTS. The Steelers are much better at returning punts than faking them.

ALREADY? Johnny Manziel's future with the Browns is already in doubt.

ROBOT DANCE. Corey Wooten, I like how you celebrate.

CAN WE HAVE HIM PLEASE? Kyle Whittingham might be forced out at Utah despite a sparkling record.

BEAMERDANCE. Frank Beamer is like 127 years old, but he can still get down.

DEDICATION! Puking pre-snap is some extreme Willie Beamen style stuff.

IMPRESSIVELY SAD. It's after Christmas, but Kansas State is still feeling charitable, gifting a win to Texas Southern.