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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.

Alright y'all, I hope by now you have all figured out how the Hotbox works.  The Hotbox is very satisfied with last weeks entries.  We had a wonderful mix of Cyclone, miscellaneous, and straight up good stories to choose from.  So we'll see if this weeks Hotbox can live up to the potential.  But YOU PEOPLE  need to come to play in the comment section this week since Hoiball is now taking a bit of a break.  So I'll start things out and set the mood with tales of my experience at the Big 4 Classic.

First off, my seats were wonderful.  Thank you to the people who got them, you know who you are.  We were considered "VIP's" and this was confirmed by the fact that we sat right next to #ELLERMANTIME.  He wasn't around much being that he had halftime entertainment duties, which he unfortunately lost.  Forever bringing shame to Cyclone Nation.  SMH.  But anyways, sparks flew - emotions ran high.  HE TOUCHED MY LEG.  But now he is gone out of my life forever.  As for the atmosphere, it was okay.  It wasn't bad, it wasn't good.  You could tell the only contention between fan bases was Iowa and Iowa State.  The only reason you heard any cheering for Drake was because of the Iowa fans.  But that got drowned out rather quickly, because Hoiball.  But there were obviously Iowa State fans cheering for UNI.  I did see a few fans getting a little heated toward each other.  There was a die-hard Hawkeye really giving it to a Cyclone fan in the first half of the Iowa game.  Then the second half happened.  The Cyclone fan came back at the Iowa fan double-fold and Iowa Fan was visibly upset but had nothing to say.  He knew the Hawks looked like wet-garbage-babies.  It was satisfying.

To the questions:


That’s my question.

When I say, "YOU PEOPLE" I'm referring to my readers and comment-ers.  I find it to be a very enduring term and use it with all my friends and family.  If you want to start calling me "YOU PERSON" or something similar, I would love and cherish it.  And if you're offended by it?  NO COMMENT.


Will the Big 12 expand to 12 teams?

If the big problem with expansion is having to share revenue, then why not just jump to 14 teams?  4 more teams seems like a enough cause a renegotiation of the TV contract.

Yes.  They are already testing the waters with Cincinnati, and with them I'd guess Memphis.  It might not happen in time for next year, but if the Big 12 can't get a waiver to play a conference championship game (which I think is unlikely since it behooves the other conferences to not allow it) the pieces start to fall in place.  They would initially only want two more teams and ideally would then renegotiate the TV deal.  But that all depends on who is added.  I think you need BYU to have that happen (which I also find unlikely).  But what if 14 teams is the only way to get a new deal?  Then you go after Cincy, Memphis, UCF, and USF.  I'm not too high on those programs now, but with an influx of big time money and prestige, they will all get much better with time.  Plus, recruiting territory.  SEeeeCEEE!


Dear Cydeliner,

I appreciate you putting this Hotbox together.  Will any WRNL be making it to Brooklyn , NY for the South Carolina game?  I live in New Jersey by Philly but will be heading up to the game.  Hope to see y'all there.

Unfortunately, I do not think any of us from WRNL are going to New York for the game.  Now some of the readers I am not so sure about.  When this game first got put on the schedule, I let out a really loud fart noise.  But to my surprise, Frank Martin has this team playing better than I expected.  But still not enough to go drop a bunch of money on a trip to New York though.  But go and cheer loud and bring back that DUBYA.  And Cheick Diallo.  Please and thank you.


How many years will the Gr33k wear Cardinal and Gold?

Are we just a conditioning stint for the NBA, or is he here for the long haul?

At present, I can only manage to bring my brain to say all four years.  He is a super tall, super skinny, role player who at the moment is only getting minutes in blowouts.  Yes, he will get bigger and stronger and he can shoot the ball.  But he is in no way ready for the big time, yet.  He may develop into a prospect at some point mostly because of his size, but maybe just maybe after his third year.  But I'm putting him at a four year guy.  Yogurt for all.


If ISU makes the Final Four, will Niang leave early for the NBA?

Just make the Final Four?  If Iowa State gets that close and doesn't win it all, Georges isn't going anywhere.  He would have an even bigger fire lit under his ass than he did this past off-season.  I don't think he even considers leaving unless he brings a title to Ames.  He is the leader and is too loyal to Dreamy.  And his chances might be even better next year since Kentucky will lose its top ten players to the top ten picks of the NBA Draft.  But if we somehow win it all this year?  I can totally see it and would cheer him to do so.  He did the impossible.  He may now retire to the pasture and become a professional stud.


Favorite previous player on any Hoiball team?

Basically - if you could add any of the previous players to THIS team, who would you pick?

Well these are different questions for me.  My favorite player from any Hoiball team, is on the current team and is either Georges or 3sus, depending on the day.  And for the second question, there are three players who I'd pick from.  Royce White, Tyrus McGee, and Chris Babb.  Royce for his versatility, Tyrus for his McThrees, and Babb for his defense and shooting.  We have our own version of Royce in Georges.  We have our own version of Tyrus with 3sus.  We do not have a Chris Babb.  The only current player you could compare him to is BDJ.  But BDJ is no Chris Babb on the defensive end.  Imagine having Babb and Monte locking up the perimeter and McKay patrolling down low.  That's a great defensive squad that also happens to have the best offense in the country.  WE CAN WISH CAN'T WE?!?


Long time reader, new to commenting.

Even though I know this is a safe place to voice concerns/questions, I’m still afraid to ask, but I figure I might as well get comfortable with it all, so here goes.

Opinion: is breastfeeding sexy? I ask not as a weird guy but because I saw this earlier tonight from Christ Williams on Twitter (Yea, I don’t know how to post pictures or gifs yet, sue me*)

"At breast feeding class with my wife. You guys want live tweets? #BabyWilliams2015"

My first thought was, that sounds comical, getting to hear about the awkward antics a group of guys would be going through with their wives. However, clicking to look at the replies, a disturbing amount of them were things along the lines of "Yes plz with pics lulz". Which, frankly, concerned me because I feel like that is something that is not inherently sexy. I mean, it’s just a woman feeding her child. Me and the Mrs. are talking about having a child in the next year or two and have talked about her doing that, and not once did it cross my mind that that would be something attractive or something I would be interested in having a great view for. Just curious what the general feeling is about this.

*Also, please don’t sue me. Information on how to post a picture/gif would be much more productive.

Is breastfeeding sexy?  No?  I personally don't find it attractive but I'm sure some of you degenerates will do anything to see a titty.  I'd think hope that all the people responding to CW are just going along with the joke. But anytime I see a woman breastfeeding, it's always in a super-public place like a mall.  The only thought I can have for the next 10 minutes is, "Damn, that woman has some balls to bust out her titty like that in super-public."  Then I start thinking of why she is doing this.  "She must be organic.  Formula has too many chemicals.  Baby has gotta eat.  She is against BIG BREASTFEEDING."  Probably not all true, but one thing remains.  She has balls.


Serious Hotbox Question,

Who plays Dreamy in the inevitable movie?

I'm thinking Rob Lowe but I'm open to other ideas.

What could be more serious about a Dreamy movie?  Some of you comment-er's pointed out that Aaron Eckhart does look a lot like Dreamy.  And I legitimately tried to find an alternative and didn't even come close.  Aaron Eckhart it is.  The Dreamy is with this one.  I did really want Denzel Washington to play Dreamy.  But uhh - he's busy.


The Chicken or The Egg

Hey Everyone,

Just want to take a second and thank everyone who reached out to me last week.  No news on the "finally sleeping with a girl" front, but I'll be sure to keep the Hotbox updated (exciting news coming!).  It's the holiday season so I guess you really never know.

So my profile name was chosen for a reason, and with all the great support from last week, I'm willing to roll the dice to see what the Hotbox can provide me this week.

How does everyone feel about.. ya know.. Sexy pics?  I recently met a girl online and we've exchanged numbers.  She keeps asking for a "sexy pic".  I think I know what this means, but any advice on what I can do to impress her before I hit that send button would be great!

Also, there are rumblings that McKay will not fit in to our offensive sets due to his ability to finish only within 5 feet (maybe an 18 footer once in a super moon).  Do you believe that the oppositions ability to extend out and suffocate our outside shooting, is worth a "rim protector" on the defensive side of the ball?  My opinion would be to bring McKay off the bench after the 8-10 point cushion has been established, eliminating their front court offensively, and allowing for greater extension of our defense on the other end (fight Fire with Fire)

Thanks everyone!

Well look who it is again.  It's YoungAndTroubled.  First off, Chicken or the Egg?  That title doesn't apply to anywhere in your writing.  Second, both of your questions have been very personal and I'm starting to get skeptical if these are real situations or not.  We will see what you say this time around.  But if I remember correctly, you are a "grower".  So if you're contemplating sending a "sexy pic", I recommend you "grow" for it.  Other than that, find a flattering angle and send with confidence.

And third and finally, what's up with your McKay question?  Only make shots within 5 feet?  Please.  What does a "rim protector" have to do with a defense extending out on our outside shooting?  Iowa State almost always has someone in the post now, so what's the difference?  And wait to put him in until we have a 8-10 cushion?  NOPE.

After that performance YoungAndTroubled, you now officially have one more try to prove you are not trolling a troller.  Good luck.

And finally, I think we have a traitor in our midst.


Clone Cones?

I have a beef with the name clone cone.  I think it would be much better if we called them cy-cones.  It's closer to cyclones and rolls off the tongue much better.  Your thoughts?

My thoughts are that Father Orr and his only begotten son Dreamy would have you drawn and quartered for your treacherous and traitorous ways.  Having the Clone Cone be named the Clone Cone is canon and will never change.  Once you start calling it by different names you have sinned against Father Orr and Dreamy and will be punished.  CLONE CONE.  AMEN.

As always, leave your Hotbox questions in the comments below.

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."