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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/30/14

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Iowa State Basketball

34-0 RUN. It sounds made up, but the ladies used a 34-0 run to trounce Howard 90-44.

ALREADY A LEGEND? Kirk Haaland discusses just how good Monte Morris already is.

MVSU PREVIEW. John Walters talks about the 1-10 Mississippi Valley State team.

BIGGEST TARGET. The Cyclones are all of a sudden the top ranked team in the Big 12, which might mean they have the biggest target on their backs.

Around The Country

THE WORST DAY. The Big 12 had a really rough day yesterday.

EVEN THE SHERIFF SUGGESTS DRINKING. Oklahoma was so bad the police advise drinking (but not driving).

AGGIE GONNA AGGIE. Coaches punching WVU players, and kickers getting nutshotted. Ah, we really do miss A&M.

TAUNTING KARMA. It was a good troll by Skyler Howard to do the money celebration against A&M... too bad they didn't win.

WELL, THIS IS IMPRESSIVE. dunk from just inside the free throw line... by a sophomore in high school.

NOT THE WAY TO RUN A COACHING SEARCH. So... sequence of events turned out well for the Bears...

Around The... World?

THIS IS ONE WAY TO SCORE. Ricochet goal!

THE NEXT JULIAN GREEN? Another touted German youth player is pledging to play for the USMNT.