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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/31/14

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Iowa State Basketball

CHALLENGE COMPLETE. Iowa State won the Cyclone Challenge yesterday, beating UC Riverside in the championship.

GOING FOR 100. Fred Hoiberg goes for his centurion against Mississippi Valley State tonight.

PACE UP. This year's Cyclones might be playing at their fastest pace yet.

Iowa State Wrestling

SOUTHERN SCUFFLE. The Cyclones are ready to get greased up and wrestle in Chattanooga.

Around The Country

YEAR OF THE FRESHMAN. Bill Connelly investigates the impressive performances freshmen have put up this year.

WIND TUNNEL BOWL. The Foster Farms Bowl was just a bit windy.

KHAKI OUT. Michigan fans are so excited for Jim Harbaugh, they're all wearing khakis.

NO FUN AT ALL. Louisville prof is angry about Kentucky ruining college basketball.

OWN BASKET BUZZER BEATER. Tipping in an opponent's missed game winning try is the worst way to lose.

ANOTHER GOOD DAY OF FOOTBALL. Bill Connelly looks at today's slate of games.

COLD FEET. Ndamukong Suh's excuse for stepping on Aaron Rodgers is amazing.