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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/4/14

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Iowa State Football

ONE MORE GO. Brent Blum writes that Paul Rhoads deserves one more season at the helm.

HYPE JUSTIFIED. Steve Malchow points out that the early buzz on Allen Lazard has turned out to be very deserved.

WILL LANNING PLAY? The matchup with TCU looks so out of hand on paper, the question of "will Joel Lanning play?" has been seriously addressed.

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS. How Tom Farniok has lived up to his goals at Iowa State, and more.

NEW BLUEPRINT. The manual from the Oklahoma State upset is outdated because plainly, this team just isn't as good.

A NOTE FROM A TCU FAN. Got this email from a TCU fan for any Cyclone fans who care enough to drive to TCU to watch a slaughter:

I-35 will be completely closed in Fort Worth at Northeast 28th Street from 9:00 pm Friday until 10:00 am Saturday, and the same times Saturday night to Sunday morning. That is about two miles north of downtown Fort Worth. This is going to create a huge traffic CF that will extend for miles.  There is not a great alternative. Maybe take Hwy 114 west to Hwy 287, 287 (and stay on business 287!) south to Loop 820, then follow the loop west until you get to I-30 on the west side of Fort Worth.  You can then take I-30 east toward downtown or TCU.

Iowa State Basketball

MORE PRESSURE. The Cyclones are turning up the defensive pressure to match their offensive pressure.

KIRK PREVIEW. Kirk Haaland's stat-heavy preview of Arkansas-Iowa State.

BUYING IN. Bryce Dejean-Jones has fully bought into the system Fred Hoiberg is running.

Iowa State Volleyball

STREAKING. Iowa State heads into the tourney on a roll and set on a Final Four berth.

Around The Country

WE DIDN'T MAKE IT. This Week In Schadenfreude is missing our sadness.

ALL HOG. After rumors that Nebraska is targeting Bret Bielema, he said he was ALL HOG.

DONE DEAL. Jim McElwain is the next head coach at Florida.

BUT DON'T CRY FOR WILL. The departed Will Muschamp has plenty of defensive coordinator offers already.

GRONK MATURITY. Taping the number69 to his back is just something you expect Rob Gronkowski to do.

THIS WOULD HAPPEN BETWEEN THESE TEAMS. The 76ers and Timberwolves forgot which hoop they were shooting on.

SHORT CAN BE GOOD IN BASKETBALL. Guam player runs under legs to play defense. They still lost by 122 points though.