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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/5/14

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Iowa State Basketball

GRADE A HOIBALL. Bobby La Gesse writes that last night's destruction of Arkansas was the epitome of a Hoiberg team.

THE MAN IS SMOOTH. Bryce Dejean-Jones' slam from last night. The man is probably the smoothest scorer Fred Hoiberg has ever had. 

3SUS TEACHES! In the post-game press conference, BDJ credits Naz with helping him with his shooting stroke.

WHIRLY BIRD. Here's Georges Niang living up to the school's moniker last night. 

Iowa State Football

KWAH-MENSAH STILL TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Clifford Kwah-Mensah had to adjust to being just a scout team back after being the star at Ames High, but he's determined to make the most of it.

ISN'T FIVE STANDARD? Randy Peterson writes about the Cyclones having too many scholarship quarterbacks for one football.

Around The Country

IS THIS A JOKE? Jebus, Quad City Times.

MIKE RILEY IN. Nebraska hired Oregon State's Mike Riley, andBill Connelly has positives and negatives.

JUST THAT GOOD. J.J. Watt admits he has no idea what happens in offensive huddles, but he looks pretty good clueless.

SAFARI GOLFING. Luke Donald was chased off the course by a baboon.

SPRAY TAN. Brennan Clay keeps going on about DeMarco Murray's affair with his wife.

POOR SPORTSMANSHIP. Portland-Portland State's finish featured possibly bad sportsmanship and betting implications!

BIGGEST BUYOUT EVER! The Godfather's new home is really proud of that giant buyout they got from Florida for Jim McElwain.

SAD BETTORS. Greg Robinson and Tre Mason probably regret taking a tshirt bet on the Iron Bowl.

"I'M REALLY GOING TO HAVE TO ARREST AN 80 YEAR OLD MAN." A tale of Auburn-Alabama, from the cops who have to monitor it.

IF IT DID HAPPEN... Here's what would have to happen for Mizzou to beat Alabama.

DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDS. Ryan Leaf is out of prison and he looks like complete shit.