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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/8/14

Let us never speak of you know what again.

Cyclones Men's Basketball

WE GET AWARDS. Georges Niang is the Big 12 Player of the Week.  But that's only good enough for an honorable mention for NBCSports.

ALL THE AWARDS. Bryce DeJean-Jones is the Player of the Week.  But like with Football Conference Championships, the Big 12 believes in sharing so he's only Co-Newcomer of the Week.

DOES WHAT HE WANTS. Kirk Haaland asks what's happened to Dustin Hogue over at CF and shares some other thoughts, too.

Cyclones Women's Basketball

CLASS 5 WHITEWATER. ISU edges past a tenacious Stony Brook.

Cyclones Other Sports

SWELLCyclones wrestlers hold on for fourth place at the Cliff Keen Invite in Las Vegas.

(JUST NOT ENOUGH) ACES. Cyclones Volleyball ends NCAA Tourney Run with loss to Illinois.

Around the Country

HOW? HOW?!!! Jordan "JRailz" Railey made the #1 play on Sportscenter with a thunderous slam. Seriously.

#CFBTWITTERSTORM. The twitsphere reacts as you'd expect them to react on the release of the CFB Playoff Brackets.

OF COURSE IT'S BOB'S FAULT. The Mothership questions whether or not the lack of playoff doomed TCU and Baylor. (Answer: Yes, but not for the reasons anybody is mentioning.  Hint: Don't expect the committee to make hard decisions).

HOW DOES THAT WORK? KU hires TAM's Dave Beaty as their new Head Football Coach.  But he's not even the highest paid head football coach on the payroll.

BRILES SMASH. Art Briles is none too happy with the final shakeout of the CFB Playoff.

YEAH BUT THOSE WERE B1G TEAMS. A seemingly objective piece of data for why tOSU made the Playoff ahead of TCU or Baylor.

WE NEED EXPANSION, STAT. Bring On The Cats writes about why the Big 12 needs expansion and the candidates.

SIZE MATTERS. A look at the respective resumes of TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State.