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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/9/14

Iowa State Football

MAYBE THERE'S HOPE FOR THE DEFENSIVE LINE. Demond Tucker, the junior college defensive POTY committed to Iowa State on Monday.

ALL BIBBS 12. E.J. Bibbs was named the first team tight end on AP's All-Big 12 team.

Iowa State Basketball

NOTABLE: THEY'RE THE KANGAROOS. Fred Hoiberg chats about UMKC.

REBOUNDING ASSISTS. Dustin Hogue's rebounding numbers are down, but he's still doing work in the rebounding game.

Iowa State Wrestling

WRESTLER OF THE WEEK. Kyven Gadson picked up a nod for Big 12 wrestler of the week.

Around The Country

YOU CAN STILL WATCH VOLLEYBALL AT HILTON. The season is over for Iowa State, but Hilton will be hosting an NCAA regional this weekend.

NO EXPANSION. Bob Bowlsby doesn't anticipate expansion even after the Big 12's snub for the college football playoffs.

UNIFIED WITH TCU. Among the various coaching ballot shenanigans was the revelation that other Big 12 coaches sided with Gary Patterson.

HOCKEY PLAYERS CAN'T RAP. The San Jose Sharks made an awful rap for the holidays.

BO KNOWS MADDEN. Bo Jackson will be available as a character in Madden 15!

YOU SAID IT, GENO. Geno Smith's (overly?) positive quote about "all the room for improvement" the Jets have could easily be said about a cardinal and gold team.

JUST HAND IT TO MARIOTA. Oregon's star QB leads the pack of Heisman finalists.

SAMUEL JACKSON SHOULD BE THE NEW GUS JOHNSON. His live-tweeting of the Packers-Falcons MNF game was amazing.

PLAYOFF ODDS. Florida State is a distant fourth in F/+'s evaluation of the playoff teams' chances.

FGCU IS BACK? Dunk City might be back in town, as FGCU looks good this year.