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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/11/14

Rashad Vaughn Decision Day Edition

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RASHAD VAUGHN ANNOUNCES TODAY. The highest rated uncommitted player of the 2014 class announces his college choice today live on CBS Sports Network at 5 PM CT.

LET'S LOOK AT THE CRYSTAL BALL. It appears about 59% UNLV, 31% ISU in the 24/7 Crystal Ball predictions for who Rashad is picking today, with recent projections trending UNLV.

WE MADE DEADSPIN! The kungfu kick from Dustin Hogue followed by the sweet punch from Eron Harris is featured prominently on Deadspin.

BEATEN FROM START TO FINISH. West Virginia started hot and never looked back, and Fred Hoiberg noticed.

EJIM EXPLAINS. Melvin Ejim explains what changed from Saturday to last night, especially his decrease from 48 points to six.

DEFENSIVE HELP. The Cyclones will have a 4 days off to prepare for Texas Tech, and the focus will probably be on defense.

TROY DOUGLAS GONE. Iowa State defensive backs coach Troy Douglas is off to Pitt, leaving Paul Rhoads an incomplete staff... again.

LUKE KNOTT A NAME TO KNOW. Luke Knott gets props from Big 12 Blog as a player to know during the offseason as a possible future star.

POOR SPORTSMANSHIP? The Iowa State Daily takes WVU's student newspaper to task for their "Mountaineer Musings", designed to belittle opposing players. Personally, I don't mind the idea of it (though this type of stuff contributes to incidents like the Marcus Smart one last weekend), but most of these are terribly unfunny.

FARMALLIANCE. Our purple, wheat producing brothers pulled off what we couldn't... a win over Kansas, 85-82 in OT. Of course they rushed the court, except one fan didn't want to wait.

#DRINKALLIANCE? Our other favorites in the Big 12 wanted to commiserate (with alcohol) in the sadness of our recent basketball games, so apparently this is a thing now. One excellent Poke fan even made these! I think I'm almost more partial to Cy with a mustache and cowboy hat.

AGE LIMIT RISING? The NBA looks poised to raise the age for NBA draft eligibility to 20, and here's 4 reasons why.

AWESOME, MIZZOU. It's not often we get to say nice things about Mizzou around these parts, but this tribute to Michael Sam by the school is definitely a time we can.

RAINBOW BRACELET. Michael Sam didn't really do all that much to hide the fact he was gay this past season.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP. The NFL is supporting Michael Sam publicly right now, but apparently in private, not as accepting as it seems.

NORWEGIAN PANTS! The Norwegian curling team always dominates when it comes to style.

THE EYE OF DOOM. Bob Costas' eye infection will FINALLY sideline him from NBC Olympics hosting.

SOMETIMES, YOU GOTTA HEADBUTT SOMETHING. When a Italian amateur soccer player wants to celebrate, a dugout isn't going to stop him.