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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/12/14

MELVIN NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE WEEK. Melvin Ejim's win as USBWA's Oscar Robertson POTW makes him the third Cyclone to win it this year.

DON'T TAKE IT TOO HARD. Brent Blum says to take it easy if you think that Rashad Vaughn's decision to not come here means doom for ISU basketball.

TAKING CARE OF THE ROCK. Monte Morris' assist-turnover ratio is pretty impressive, as Steve Malchow points out.

GADSON #1. The new InterMat rankings are out, and Kyven Gadson is tops in the 197 pound category.

NO SMART, BIG PROBLEM. The first game of Marcus Smart's suspension went terribly for Oklahoma State, losing by 19 to Texas.

THAYER EVANS STRIKES AGAIN. Will other schools negatively recruit against Mizzou's "secret society" which kept Michael Sam's homosexuality hidden? Yeah, that's a real story. Jason Kirk digs deeper into the Mizzouminati.

RELEGATION REVISITED. Bill Connelly revisits the conference relegation system, and guess what? We're still in the Big 12!

SNAPCHAT FOR RECRUITING? The NCAA will approve Snapchat for recruiting purposes starting in August.

JJ WATT ON ICE. Yeah, this is JJ Watt looking like he's pretty good at hockey.

BUT HE'S NO CHARLES BERTRAND. Swedish leaguer Charles Bertrand scored an incredible goal in the AHL skills competition.

PIERRE IS GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY. Finally sick of terrifying children, the New Orleans Pelicans' mascot is off to get a makeover.