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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/13/14

DUAL SENIOR CLASS AWARD FINALISTS. Both Melvin Ejim AND Hallie Christofferson have been named finalists for the Senior CLASS award, celebrating outstanding achievement in community, classroom, character, and competition.

NAISMITH MIDSEASON LIST. Christofferson has also been named to the Naismith Trophy midseason list.

MONTE'S MOMENT. Monte Morris has always been confident in his abilities, even as a 10 year old.

BRACKETOLOGY. Lunardi drops ISU down to a 4 seed in his newest bracketology.

ISU COMPLIANCE IS THE MOST INTERESTING COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT IN THE WORLD. Looks like we're just going to have to get some larger "meals" approved for better recruits.

THE SOUTH DOESN'T DO WINTER. A state of emergency has been called in Georgia again due to snow and ice and schools are being cancelled in weird fashion. Meanwhile, Raleigh, NC is REALLY not handling 2.5 inches of snow very well.

CRAZY FINISH IN PITTSBURGH. With UNC-Duke postponed due to the above craziness, Syracuse-Pitt was the marquee of the night, and Tyler Ennis did not disappoint.

MIXTAPE PROBLEMS. With all the hype surrounding Thon Maker, let's take a step back and look at the whole picture.

BROKEBACK JOKES STILL COOL? Grant Brisbee mocks the National Football Post's stupid rhetorical questions to Michael Sam with some of his own.

DESTROYING THE MICHAEL SAM OPPOSITION. A Texas sportscaster drops the mic on any opposition to Michael Sam.

THE REJECTION OF MYRON ROLLE. The tale of how Myron Rolle went from top recruit and NFL prospect to Rhodes Scholar and out of the NFL.

ANATOMY OF A TIE. Double golds were awarded on the ski slopes of Sochi today, and here's composite video of a tie. Pretty fascinating.