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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/14/14

NAISMITH TOP 30. Both Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane make the Naismith award midseason Top 30, one of six schools with two players on the list.

TALKING FLAGRANTS. The Iowa State Daily caught up with Dustin Hogue and Monte Morris on their roles in the flagrant foul battle of Monday.

EMBARRASSED. The Cyclones are trying to improve on their defensive woes and hope they don't have another performance like that.

HAVE THEY MOVED ON? Fred Hoiberg and the players discuss moving on past the disappointment of Monday.

BRACKETOLOGY. Jerry Palm also dropped the Cyclones down a spot to a 4 seed.

2015 RECRUITING ALL-NAME TEAM. I think my favorite of the bunch is Aliz'e.

THE DEATH OF HURRY UP OFFENSES? There's a legitimate proposal out which will penalize teams for snapping the ball too quickly.

WU TANG IS FOR THE CHILDREN. Henrik Harlaut is a Swedish freeskier who has dreads and wears extremely baggy pants, with a passion for the Wu Tang clan.

HOW WARM IS IT IN SOCHI? Warm enough skiers are doing runs in tshirts.

THE INFORMATION COLD WAR IS IN FULL SWING. NHL doctors are coming up with code words and burner phones to protect player injury reports from the Russians.

BARREL ROLL. Invoking some memories of Star Fox, this skeleton racer almost crashes, but saves it.