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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/17/14

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A VERY QUIET PERFORMANCE. DeAndre Kane came close to a triple double, but nobody really noticed, except Fred Hoiberg.

WAS THAT A DUNK? Even Hollywood Higgins was shocked that Georges Niang can jump.

NAZ BREAKS SLUMP. Other than the big 3 against OSU, Naz Long has had it pretty rough lately. Saturday was a different story.

MARVIN CLARK DECIDING SOON. The possible Rashad Vaughn replacement will make his choice between a big list of schools in March.

JUCO TRANSFER? Highly touted Iowa Western freshman Darien Williams saw the Cyclones beat Texas Tech and is high on ISU.

DOMINATION ON THE MAT. Cyclone wrestling scored an impressive victory over Hofstra.

MORE EX-QB ISSUES AT TECH. For being a former QB, Kliff Kingsbury is having his share of problems keeping the ones he had last season quiet.

HOW TO BUILD A COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM. Ian Boyd checks out the optimal roster makeup for success.

MORE OFFICIATING PROBLEMS. The ACC has their own issues, incorrectly giving possession to Duke in a close win over Maryland. Also notable; this picture was taken during the game.

WAY TO GO, REPORTER. Bode Miller's brother passed away, so let's continue to ask him about it until he breaks down.

GO AWAY, WESTBORO. Mizzou students are not going to let Westboro Baptist church demonstrate at their school.

SOSHIE. T.J. Oshie capped off one of the best preliminary Olympic hockey games you'll ever see with a 4-6 shootout performance to beat Russia. Meanwhile, Russian fans are still mad about the controversial no-goal in regulation.

BUTT CHECKING. Best hip check I've ever seen, and it was pulled off by a goalie.