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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/18/14

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ALL ABOUT EJIM. Melvin Ejim, the consummate student-athlete, gets profiled by the Des Moines Register. It's hard to not be even more impressed with him after reading this.

KANE STILL ALIVE FOR COUSY AWARD. The list for the top PG in the nation is down to 20 and DeAndre Kane is still there.

FRED'S STILL AN ASSASSIN. Naz Long says that Fred Hoiberg still has full confidence every single 3 his coach takes is going in.

SPREADING THE SPREADING OF WEALTH. Iowa State leads the country in assists, but it's not just DeAndre Kane that's dishing them out.

PARRISH LOVES HIMSELF SOME IOWA STATE. CBS Sports' Gary Parrish takes other voters to task on their slight of the Cyclones.

CHRISTOFFERSON AND JOHNSON RECOGNIZED. Hallie Christofferson and Seanna Johnson both earned nods from the Big 12 for their past week performances.

THE HATE IS STRONG HERE. Gary Barta said that assigning varying amounts of pay to different athletes is too tough for him, so Deadspin took him to task.

SNOWBOARD CROSS IS GREAT. Where else do you get midair nutshots and crash-photo finishes?

SOMEHOW NOT DEAD. The Brazilian bobsledders were uninjured from this. Somehow.

ALMOST. Norway won the biathlon, but almost lost it by celebrating too early.

SKI JUMPING WILL ALWAYS BE INSANE. If you don't crash on the actual jump, you can still crash just going down the landing area.

BAYLOR-OKIE STATE. Last night's coaching matchup between Scott Drew and Travis Ford featured some of the best late game execution you'll ever see. Baylor did eventually win, but not before Ford and Drew alternated blowing all their timeouts in overtime.