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Two Kagavi Contests: Win ISU Gear!

Our favorite Iowa State historian is back at it with another contest.

Even Fred Hoiberg might struggle with these questions
Even Fred Hoiberg might struggle with these questions
David Purdy

Back in the fall we did a contest with Joshua Kagavi who is the author of several very cool stories about the history of players, coaches, and venues at Iowa State. We're doing it again as he clearances out the Iowa State section of his store.

WRNL and Kagavi are partnering together once again to offer two more ISU-themed contests to win unique pieces of Cyclone gear. In the first contest, the winner will receive an original painting of Jack Trice by Mark Penxa. Earlier this year, Kagavi interviewed the talented artist and while his painting isn't an exact historical representation of Trice's uniform, it captures Trice's determined spirit. Read on for how you can win this original painting!

The second contest will grant the winner one of Kagavi's popular Pendleton vintage ISU stadium blankets. Kagavi's custom Pendleton blanket is the only time the famed woolen mill has offered a Cyclone design and fans familiar with Pendleton know that their blankets are hundreds of dollars and collected around the world. Created in a limited quantity of 160, these blankets will last many decades and represent the very best of American ingenuity.

As previously announced, Kagavi has their remaining limited edition Cyclone collection on final clearance. Once March rolls around, Kagavi will no longer offer any officially licensed ISU merchandise, but the ISU stories will continue. The comprehensive new redesign of Kagavi's website due this spring will focus more on their "campfire stories" ethos and feature more sports stories and products in addition to other genres.

With less than two weeks, there are just a few dozen remaining shirts and blankets on Kagavi's website: All Cyclone shirts have been marked down to $14.95 (versus $35) and the blanket is just $119 (versus $265). For a bonus deal, buy any shirt and one blanket to receive $20 off the blanket, making the final blanket price an incredible $99. Shipping is always free.

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Now for the first basketball-themed contest to win an original Jack Trice painting:

1. Fill in the missing letters in this sequence:




2. Using the correct missing letters from part one as a critical clue, find a hidden message in this sequence:

Roadkill Bevo remains the tastiest meal of all.

Unafraid to use timeouts is Scott Drew.

Receding is thy name Oklahoma State.

Impishly grinning, Bill Self danced away.

"Outdrawn again" lamented the Red Raider.

Screaming and swearing sweatily, Mad Fran swooned.

Enemy of Cyclones: the Horned Frogs are next.

3. Using the hidden message from the second question, provide any evidence the statement is true.

Here's the second contest to win a Pendleton ISU blanket:

Instead of a typical Kagavi contest, we turn it over to you in the comments. Since Kagavi's Pendleton blankets were inspired in part by Grandpa's campfire stories and Iowa State sports history, we want to hear from you! To win the blanket, answer this question: what was your most thrilling ISU sports memory? (Remember, the winner's story will have an unique twist to it--50,000+ people saw ISU beat Oklahoma State in football in 2011. How is your experience unique and different from everyone else?)

Kagavi will pick their favorite story from all entries submitted on Friday at 9:00 a.m. central. WRNL will include the winner in their Mid-Morning Dump on Friday.

May confusion reign supreme.