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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/20/14

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MELVIN MELVIN MELVIN. Grantlander (and former SBNer!) Andrew Sharp with a feature on Melvin Ejim, who the nation seems to be coming around to lately.

TITUS IS BACK ON THE ISU BANDWAGON. After supporting Iowa State's chances for a national title, then jumping off that bandwagon, Mark Titus is at least semi into the Cyclones again in his NCAA power rankings.

MONTE CITED. Monte Morris was cited for being underage at Cy's Roost over the weekend.

LEADING THE NCAA. On a bright note, Monte Morris is also leading the NCAA is assist/turnover margin and is on pace to break the record.

2 SEED? Can the Cyclones reach the 2 seed in the Big 12 tournament?

OOF. The Iowa State women were stomped by #6 Baylor 89-51 in Waco last night.

WINE AT MILAN PUSKAR? There's a bill under consideration that would allow wine sales at stadiums across West Virginia. While I thoroughly enjoyed the people in Morgantown, I don't exactly see them as wine folks.

JUST ONE UNBEATEN LEFT. Boston College knocked off Syracuse in OT yesterday.

REALLY NEEDED BARKLEY THERE. Auburn basketball collapses as only Auburn basketball can.

A TIE! DIII basketball game ended in a tie after a desperation heave broke a light.

DISTURBING ALL AROUND. Anyone who's been part of a sports team knows there's plenty of razzing going on, but the investigation into the Incognito/Martin situation has turned up some pretty messed up stuff. Disturbing enough to get some coaches fired.

PARTY ON, AUSTRIA. Austrian hockey players apparently partied til 6 am before losing to Slovenia. This isn't all that shocking for hockey players, a may be why Patrick Kane has been subpar so far in Sochi.

SKI CROSS IS THE BEST. Photo crash finish? Yep.

A WOLF IN SOCHI. Kate Hansen found a wolf roaming the halls of her hotel in Sochi. Probably part of the pack Putin deployed to eat the Russian hockey players.

GOALIE TRIPS MASCOT. In more goalie shenanigans, a minor league goalie was fined for tripping a mascot.