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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/21/14

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MELVIN FIRST TEAM ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN. An academic resume that surpasses his pretty excellent on court credentials got Melvin a nod for Academic All-American, the first first-teamer since Fred Hoiberg.

#16. Iowa State checks in at 16 in Luke Winn's power rankings, with a nice nod to the ball spacing and movement in his blurb.

THANKS, MOM AND JEFF GRAYER! Cyclones.TV does a nice feature on Monte Morris, in which he credits his mom and Jeff Grayer for turning him on to Iowa State.

KRISTEN HAHN TRYING OUT FOR TEAM USA. The best libero in Big 12 history is taking part in national team tryouts.

BIELEMA IS STUPID. Bret Bielema somehow uses a Cal player who died as an example for why hurry up offenses are terrible.

RECERUITING MAP. A cool graphical analysis of how local recruiting dictates the scheme of college football teams.

COLLAPSE. The USA Women were up 2-0 on Canada with 3:30 left, then blew the game in a truly Iowa State fashion. It even featured a hit post that would have probably iced the game for the Americans.

ELATION. Meanwhile, Canadians everywhere rejoiced about the overtime win for their ladies.

THE GREAT WAR OF 2014 Call it revenge for the women or revenge from Vancouver 2010, USA vs. Canada today is going to be massive.

OSHIE IS AMAZING. If it gets to a shootout, USA will have T.J. Oshie in its side. Here's a look (with a mesmerizing GIF) of how he's just so damn good at shootouts.

HOLY JUDGING. I'll be honest, I haven't watched more than five minutes of figure skating these Olympics, but the judging controversyfrom last night's ladies competition almost makes you think we have it good in college basketball.

LAUER WITH THE ZING. Matt Lauer asks Bob Costas if he'll be "taking the red eye home" from Sochi.

KAGAVI CONTEST: Contest winner news from Mr. Kagavi himself!

Contest 1 Winner: "akles" who figured out that the spacing in part one was simply the initials of the starting lineups and coach of the top three teams in ISU basketball history, record-wise after 25 games. In part two, using the missing letters of DK, we can see they were the fourth and fifth letters in the first sentence. Following that same sequence in the rest of the sentences revealed "fred is dreamy."

Contest 2 Winner: "light_counter" who shared their story of brain cancer and a magical day at a ISU basketball game. I wanted to note that Lori and I almost picked the story shared by "CYdK1CK" who talked about their father rushing the field after the 2011 Oklahoma State game. This was also meaningful, because Lori has a strong memory of attending a New York Mets game after 9/11 with her father who survived the attacks. So we understand the power of a game to heal and make lasting memories.

Congrats to "akles" and "light_counter"! Email Joshua [dot] T [AT] Kagavi [dot] com to claim your prize and thanks to everyone who played. We loved hearing all of the stories!