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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/25/14

MR. CONSISTENCY. Georges Niang and his YMCA style consistency make it into a Yahoo Sports article from Luke Meredith.

MORE WEEKLY AWARDS. To go along with DeAndre Kane's Newcomer of the Week award we have Seanna Johnson winning Freshman of the Week and Kyven Gadson winning Wrestler of the Week.

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED IN HILTON. The Cyclones talk about getting revenge against West Virginia on Wednesday night (7 PM, Big XII Network).

TWATTER TROLLS. Fred Hoiberg hates what Twitter has done to college athletics.

SCORING BINGE. After a point explosion against Texas on Saturday the Cyclone women are hoping to carry that momentum through the rest of the season and into tournament time.

SULPLISE SIGNING. Trent Taylor, a former four star DL out of high school, signed with Iowa State out of Butler Community College in Kansas.

KANSAS TITLES. A tenth consecutive conference title for the Jayhawks is just about as guaranteed as death or taxes.

SPREAD EM AND  BEAT EM. Bill Connelly takes a look at the offenses that were best at spreading teams out in 2013 by looking at solo vs assisted tackle rates.

GEORGE DOES THE COMBINE. Jeremiah George posted solid numbers in Indianapolis yesterday, highlighted by 28 reps on the bench press.  He pulled a hamstring in the 40 yard dash, so we'll see what he can do during Iowa State's Pro Day in late March.

CLOWNEY DOES THE COMBINE TOO. And he was just a bit more impressive than George.

CURSING MAKES YOU GO FASTER. As if we didn't already know this, cursing when you run makes you go faster, I think.

EATING SHIT. Athletes who ate it at the Olympic games.  All in a glorious GIF format.