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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/26/14

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MASTER PROGRAM BUILDER. Steve Malchow is up to his old tricks about finding more ways to make Hoiberg and company look good.  This time it's about how Fred Hoiberg has fashioned his program and replaced departing players.

KUNG FU FIGHTING. Iowa State hopes to avenge the loss the West Virginia tonight in Ames, but wants to do so without starting any fights.

MOST IMPORTANT OLD MAN IN AMES. Is Georges Niang the most important Cyclone?  If he's not then he's certainly the most important spokesperson for the local YMCA.

THEIR OWN GIA STREAK. The women haven't won in Gallagher-Iba Arena since 2008.  It's not as long of a streak as what the men broke a few weeks ago, but with the women on the bubble they need every break they can get.

MOTHERSHIP BRACKETOLOGY. Spoiler alert: Iowa State moves to the East Region with a first round date in San Antonio as a 4-seed.  Yes, this would potentially set up the dreaded Sweet Sixteen match up with Syracuse in Madison Square Garden.

MARCH IS A TIME FOR SENIORS. Six seniors are looking to finally make an impact in March, and two players on in-state teams are on the list.

IWUN-DOH. Kansas State's Wesley Iwundu shows the importance of routine with free throw shooting.

HOWARD TAKING KIDS TO SCHOOL. Then getting schooled back on a between the legs move.

JAWS HATES MANZIEL. The same guy who proclaimed Colin Kaepernick as potentially one of the best ever said he would not draft Johnny Manziel in the first three rounds.

COMBINE NIGHTMARE. Not every story at the NFL Combine is a success according to former NFL player Weslye Saunders.

HIRE THESE REFS. A set of high school referees in Texas pulled off a great audition to be contracted with the Big XII by running off the court after failing to correctly call an end game foul.

TRAFFICKING. A disturbing story from a radio host about how she almost ended up in human trafficking had she traveled to Sochi to cover the Olympics.