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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/27/14

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REVENGE. The hope held true as the 15th ranked Iowa State men held home court against West Virginia and came away with an 83-66 win over the Mountaineers.  A lot of superlatives from this one including the first time in school history the Cyclones have won 10+ games in conference in three straight years.

HOIBERG ON HIS WAY. Hoiberg matched the best start in school history for a coach with his 84th win last night, which tied Larry Eustachy.  This gives me the opportunity to relink an article I wrote last spring and ask the question again, could Fred Hoiberg be the best ISU coach ever?

BATTLE OF WILLS. Last night's game came down to a battle of wills, which the Cyclones brought out in spades, and it was no more apparent then when Melvin Ejim went to the bench with foul trouble.

HUGE WIN FOR THE WOMEN. The women broke their own Gallagher-Iba streak with a trouncing of #15 Oklahoma State last night.  The win gave them two road wins over Top 25 opponents and should help punch their ticket to playing in the NCAA Tournament, and doing so in the comfortable confines of Hilton.

3SUS TAKE THE WHEEL. Take note remix artists, this is how you get our attention.  You'll get front page highlighting if you actually make a remix though.

HUGGINS V HOIBERG. Was their controversy in the post game handshake between Bob Huggins and Hoiberg last night?  Not so, says Fred.  Brent Blum offers his take:

After watching the conversation about five times I have to agree with Mr. Blum on this one.  Huggins was impressed with someone on the Cyclones' squad.

KARMA STRIKES. Someone took a baseball bat, and liberties, to Richie Incognito's Ferrari.

RIGHT MOVE, WRONG REASONS. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the controversial "religious freedoms" bill yesterday but likely did it to protect Phoenix as host of Super Bowl XLIX.

THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT.woman took to Facebook to break up with her cheating boyfriend, who also happens to be a local high school's basketball coach.

COACH DRAFT. The mothership's football writers had a draft of football coaches yesterday, and only one Iowa State coach made the cut.

MORE SPRING BREAKDOWNS. ESPN breaks down the linebackers and the secondary of the Big XII teams heading into the spring.  Spoiler alert: It's not good for Iowa State.

ABSURD. Apparently a couple of big walls can stop tornadoes in Tornado Alley according to one physicist.