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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/28/14

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OSCAR ROBERTSON FINALIST. Melvin Ejim is one of 15 players named as a finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy, which is given to the nation's best basketball player.  Doug McDermott will likely win, but this is a big accomplishment for a guy most thought of as a "glue guy" before this season.

TWILIGHT ZONE ON THE BENCH. Ejim felt out of sorts sitting on the bench in the 2nd half when Iowa State was putting away West Virginia.

THAT'S 3SUS IN THE CORNER. That's 3sus in the spotlight, losing his religion, draining threes.

TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Iowa State hosts the Big XII Indoor Track and Field Championships this weekend.

BUBBLE TEAMS. The mothership breaks down the chances of bubble teams the rest of the way, including Oklahoma State and...LOL...Nebraska.

LET'S START A RIOT.court storming after the Utah Valley vs New Mexico State game started a fight.  Hate to agree with the SEC on anything, but this is one reason storming rules exist (not that I don't like a good court storming myself).

BOSHMAN. Chris Bosh stole LeBron's mask and became Boshman last night.

JEFF GORDON THE CONVICT. A great read on Jalopnik about Jeff Gordon pulling off a prank similar to the Pepsi commercial from a few years back.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS NCAA. Fuck these guys sofa king hard.