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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/3/14

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BIG MONDAY REDUX. The Cyclones will play their second Big Monday game, this time at the place they haven't won in since 1988! For nostalgia's sake, here's our post last year on the matter.

NIANG'S CAREER DAY. Georges Niang's confidence level is at an all time high, scoring a career high 27 points and daggering OU with a Farokhmanesh-y 3.

HEAPING THE LOVE ON MELVIN. Chris Williams wants a holiday named for Melvin Ejim.

MORRIS' FIRST START. Monte Morris garned his first start for ISU on Saturday, one of many to come.

LADIES WIN TOO. The women also got back to looking decent again, avenging an earlier loss to KSU on Saturday.

WRESTLING WIN MAKES IT THREE. The wrestlers wanted to join in the winning ways, as they won on the road at Arizona State 21-12.

ONE ELITE PROSPECT IN FOUR YEARS! Jake Trotter looks at how many four/five star football recruits have signed with each Big 12 team since 2010, and ISU is dead last with one.

SUPER BOWL GIF WRAPUP. Here's a one GIF wrapup of a fairly boring Super Bowl. If you want the 5 big plays, SBN also has you covered.


MARSHAWN DANCING. Marshawn Lynch still isn't talking to the media, but he IS dancing.

COKE AD MAKES PEOPLE GO INSANE. Coke ran an ad featuring "America the Beautiful" sung in different languages and it brought out the weird xenophobes. If you want to be even sadder for America's education system and see a bunch of people bitch about English being the only acceptable language, but in ironically poorly written English, check out the #fuckcoke hashtag on Twitter.

WTF. Just to add to the weirdness of last night, a 9/11 truther invaded the post-game podium.