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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/6/14

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PAUL RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. Here's video of Paul Rhoads talking about his class, and getting pretty testy about "a school in Northern Indiana" wasting a bunch of money to try to flip Allen Lazard. If you prefer the text version, here you go.

BIG DAY. National Signing Day was a big deal to a lot of members of Iowa State's 2014 class.

COMPLETED STAFF. After announcing Tommy Mangino and Brandon Blaney, the coaching staff is complete.

KRON GONE. During his press conference Rhoads confirmed the departure of defensive linemen Brandon Jensen and Nick Kron.

MANGINO INTERVIEW. Mark Mangino talks to Chris Williams about coaching with his son and Brandon Blaney again, as well as a variety of other topics.

IOWA STATE LOVES CANADA. Now Naz has another Canadian to hang out with when Melvin graduates.

KANE FEATURE. DeAndre Kane gets the SI treatment from Luke Winn, and it's an interesting look at a very "unique personality" who Royce White even weighs in on. Winn's assessment of the Erik Mika incident is a point of debate.

A SEMI 2014 SIGNEE. Remember this guy's coming in too.

INSTANT CLASSIC. Iowa State's three overtime victory over Oklahoma State is now up on Cyclones.TV for premium subscribers.

NSD RECAP. An overall look at the big winners, losers, and storylines from another National Signing Day.

IT'S ALMOST LIKE THERE WAS A DISNEY MOVIE ABOUT THIS. The Jamaican bobsled team showed up in Sochi without their equipment.

WORST OWN GOAL EVER? Playing against Barcelona is hard enough without this kind of craziness happening.

SOCHI IS A MESS. It's not like they had years and years to avoid a situation like this.

ZIMMERMAN VS. DMX. This is not a joke... George Zimmerman is boxing DMX.