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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/7/14

The Luge Edition: Where there's more luge linked in one day than the entirety of WRNL's existence.

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CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. Tommy Birch writes that Paul Rhoads can't have it both ways when it comes to recruiting committed players.

60,000 SEATS. Plans for the south end zone project are out, and it looks like the capacity will go up to 60K.

DRAFT PREP DIFFERENT FOR PUNTERS. Kirby Van Der Kamp's pre-draft experience is just a bit different than other positions.

IT'S FGCU, ISN'T IT? Rashad Vaughn with some foreshadowing on his decision this weekend.

KILLER STRETCH. Even Kansas' string of playing against ranked teams pales in comparison to Iowa State's.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State vs. Iowa is now the matchup in USA Today's bracketology, while Joe Lunardi has shifted ISU back to a 4 seed and away from Iowa.

COMBINE INVITE FOR JG. Jeremiah George was invited to partake in the NFL combine.

POSSIBLY WRNL INSPIRED? Wishful thinking, at least.

HOW TO GET RECRUITED. An incoming Maryland recruit shares his experience with the recruiting process.

OH CANADA. What an amazing pro-gay/anti-Putin ad featuring luge.

BRAZIL IS DOWN WITH OBESITY. Not only do fat people get a wider seat at the World Cup, you get a half price ticket.

POOPTACULAR. In Sochi, there's multiple ways to watch somebody poop.


THEN THERE'S THIS GUY. This Indian luger crashed, and somehow got back on his sled while sliding at like a billion miles an hour down the icy track.