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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/10/14

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MELVIN MELVIN MELVIN. Big 12 Player of the Year for our favorite Canadian (sorry Naz, not yet).

O CANADA. Celebrate Melvin's award by listening to the playing of the Canadian national anthem during pregame of the Oklahoma State game.

DEANDRE AND GEORGES GET PROPS TOO. Some more Big 12 honors as DeAndre Kane scored the newcomer of the year while Georges Niang made the All-Big 12 third team.

THE ENTIRE JAWHAWK TEAM. Must have been a down year for KU if their entire misspelled team still has less spots on the first team than Iowa State.

NAZ, YOUR BALLS ARE GIGANTIC. Markel Brown was talking trash to Naz Long after Long's missed corner three. Naz's response before Phil Forte's second free throw? "I'll put any dollar that if I get this ball again, it's going in."

DEANDRE FILLS THE STAT SHEET AGAIN. DeAndre Kane had another complete performance in a senior day to remember against Oklahoma State.

KANE'S FAVORITE YEAR. DeAndre was only here for a year, but he says that playing for Hoiberg made it the best year.

GOOD ON SMART. Marcus Smart took the mass flopping by Cyclone Alley in stride.

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa State sits at a 4 seed in both Jerry Palm and Chris Dobbertean's picks,

FIRST 2015 COMMIT. Brian McMillen, a linebacker from Illinois, committed to the Cyclones yesterday.

SPRING BALL PREVIEW. Chris Williams previews spring ball defense for Iowa State, where linebacking is the biggest story.

WIGGINS BALLS OUT. Andrew Wiggins made a bid for Big 12 player of the year, pouring in 41 against West Virginia.

A TIE? The Ohio State Hockey Championship has two winners after the game was called a tie after seven OTs.

IS THIS BAD? The Florida Panthers were caught with 11 skaters on the ice. I believe that's a penalty.