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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/11/14

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K-STATE PREVIEW. Plenty of preview material on about the 4/5 matchup with KSU on Thursday.

HARD TO TELL NOW, HUH? Georges Niang and Melvin Ejim once hated each other. Niang even trash talked Ejim about going to "terrible" Iowa State. Funny how things change.

FROM UNDERRATED TO THE BEST. Melvin Ejim's story of progression is one that everyone can be proud of.

10 20 WIN VICTORIES. Iowa State has defeated 10 schools who currently have 20 wins or more this season.

THE HISTORY OF THE BIG EIGHT. Cyclones.TV is running a feature on the history of Big 8 basketball.

SPRING PRACTICE NOTES. The first practice of spring ball is under way, and the coaches and players have lots to say.

SPRING PRACTICE WOES. Already news on the injury/suspension front for the Cyclones, as David Irving, Rodney Coe, Luke Knott, Justin Madison, Tad Ecby, Bob Graham, and Jared Brackens are all out for various issues.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, MESS IS LOCKED OUT OF THE BUILDING. Mark Mangino is keeping Paul Rhoads locked out of Iowa State's offensive meeting room.

EMBIID OUT. Joel Embiid might not be back until week two of the NCAA tournament. Apparently, only Iowa State gets to experience the Ohio State version of Greg Oden. everyone else will get the Portland version.

BETTER FOOTBALL STATS. How do we get better stats in football?

RETIRING AT 26. Rashard Mendenhall explains why he decided to retire from football at 26. Really good read.

HOCKEY RULES IN BASKETBALL? Marcin Gortat wants the NBA to allow fighting. If only this was a thing when Manute Bol and Shawn Bradley were playing...

RED RIVER PUNCHOUT. Blake Griffin and P.J. Tucker, no love lost.

SCARY SCENE IN DALLAS. Rich Peverly collapsed during an NHL game, and the game was suspended. In the most hockey thing ever, he immediately asked to get back in the game upon regaining consciousness.

OBAMA ON BETWEEN TWO FERNS. Zach Galifinakis and Barack Obama, together.