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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/12/14

INTERESTED IN NCAA TOURNEY TICKETS? has the information and allotment breakdown.

D'VARIO IS MOTIVATED. USF transfer D'Vario Montgomery is happy to be in Ames with Sam Richardson, who he credits with getting him here.

PREPARING FOR A COMPETITION. Sam Richardson and Grant Rohach are saying all the right things so far about their QB competition.

INCREASING RETURNS. The strong non-conference scheduling game by the Cyclones has led to good returns in March and April.

BLUM CALLS FOR... OU? Brent Blum predicts that the Sooners will cut down the nets in KC.

RHABDO-GATE DRAGS ON. One of the players affected by the Rhabdo outbreak at Iowa is suing the university, claiming negligence. While the lawsuit probably won't have much traction, it's hard not to feel bad for the kid.

EMBIID'S FUTURE. The rare talent that is Joel Embiid and the difficult decisions that come with it.

GOOD LUCK, MCCAFFREYS. Fran's son Patrick had a tumor found on his thyroid. Best wishes to the entire McCaffrey family.

HOW FREE AGENCY WORKS. Ex-NFLer Stephen White talks about the process of free agency and how tough it is to decide on a destination.

RON WASHINGTON, PRO ASSHOLE. Paying a $200 fine in only pennies is a masterful dick move.

I AM SPEECHLESS. Nets fan pukes on the floor while shitting into a urinal. semi-NSFW?