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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/14/14

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NOT BAD, MEL. Another record for Ejim.

KSU POST GAME. Fred Hoiberg and the players talk about a hard fought win over K-State.

HOGUE GETS HIS DUE. If he follows the mold of being a Rothstein glue guy from Iowa State, Dustin Hogue will be Big 12 PoTY next year.

COE DISMISSED. Paul Rhoads booted DT Rodney Coe off the team yesterday.

GETTING FAT FOR ARM STRENGTH. Sam Richardson and Grant Rohach were told to eat more to increase their arm strength.

ANOTHER CHANCE FOR ROYCE. The Sacramento Kings have recalled White from Reno after a successful D-League stint.

BRUCE WEBER PANDERING. The K-State coach might not have his facts entirely correct (though I guess six of seven is accurate after Iowa's loss to Northwestern which I legitimately thought was a typo when I first saw it), but Weber is hating on the Hawkeyes right after the Wildcats lost to the Cyclones.

THE HORRORS. The part I totally forgot about the phantom 3 incident was the announcers praising the incompetency of the officials.

HEY EVERYONE, COME SEE HOW GOOD WE LOOK! Iowa State fans wanted so many tickets to the Big 12 tourney, Jamie Pollard had to buy other schools' allotments.

HOW TO BE A DANCING IDIOT. Belmont dread guy talks about being "that guy" on TV. When does Texas Tech ginger kid get his moment in the spotlight?

HOW!? Rutgers put on its best form yesterday, getting rocked by Louisville 92-31. Andrew Wiggins had only one less point against Oklahoma State than Rutgers did.

BEST WORST PASS EVER. Off the side of the backboard perimeter swing passes are cool.