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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/18/14

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TOP 10 EVERYTHING. Iowa State finished the year ranked number 9 in the AP and Coaches' Polls, #5 in CBS Sports' rankings, and #7 in RPI.

AN INTERESTING MATCHUP. Georges Niang and Fred Hoiberg are intrigued by NC Central.

1% CHANCE FOR THE CYCLONES!! Nate Silver just launched his website FiveThirtyEight, and gives every team's chances of progression.

MEDCALF LOVES IOWA STATE. Myron Medcalf has been to Hilton this year, and apparently we've impressed him, as he picks the Cyclones for the Final Four.

IS DREAMY TOO PERFECT? I'd say no, but Andy Fales disagrees.

MUSBERGER WANTS QUEEN KANE. Lost Lettermen finds out that the main ISUselfie lady is DeAndre Kane's better half.

NO MORE BIG 12 NETWORK. All Big 12 men's basketball games will be shown on ESPN channels next year.

EIGHT STRAIGHT APPEARANCES. The ladies went through an up and down season, but are also heading back to the tournament and will play at Hilton Coliseum for the first and second rounds.

HEY, WE WIN A GAME! Jason Kirk picked the NCAA basketball tournament as if it were football, and Iowa State takes one game.

GADSON MOTIVATED. Kyven Gadson is looking to win the NCAAs for his father.

BRUCE WEBER STILL EMO. The K-State coach is still complaining about Iowa State and the crappy officiating that happened last Thursday.

WAY TO GO, KHL FANS. Tossing a player in the air to celebrate a first round playoff win is all fine and good as long as you actually catch him.

BETTER THAN 70-3. With news that the NCAA is prepared to deregulate football conference championship games, here's a look back at how past games would have been chosen.

CRIMINALLY UNDERSEEDED. Louisville kind of got the shaft on Selection Sunday, but that won't matter.

JOHN LUCAS ISN'T MAKING IT IN HOCKEY. The Utah Jazz's John Lucas throws the worst punches.

BACK HEEL HAIL MARY GOAL. That's the best way I can describe it, but this incredible soccer goal you just have to watch.

NOT IN MY HOUSE. Never trust Dikembe Mutombo to give you a free basket, even if you're a mascot.

ITALIANS GO BLACKFACE. I guess this is what happens when an Italian baseball team tries a Major League remake .