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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/24/14

EMPIRE STATE OF MIND. Iowa State is going to the Big Apple!

#SWAGBERG. I don't know what to say here.

WHAT'S COLDER THAN ICE COLD? The blood in Naz Long's veins, that's what.

DO WE LIKE SCOTT DREW NOW? He's turned into the Cyclones' biggest fan.

ROY IS CLASSY. Iowa State is heading to the Sweet 16, and Roy Williams isn't blaming the officials.

THE THREE WISE MEN. Naz Long paid homage to who the Cyclones played for last night.

KANE STEPS UP. DeAndre Kane shouldered the load and the spotlight with Georges Niang out.


NOT SO GOOD FOR THE LADIES. Florida State came into Hilton and held the Cyclones to 25.4% shooting to end ISU's season.

THAT WHOLE CLOCK THING... Rodger Sherman addresses the weird clock issues at the end of Iowa State-UNC.

BAYLOR DOMINATES. Scott Drew's Baylor team went and shithoused Creighton by 30in a throwback to what we all remember about Greg McDermott vs. Big 12 teams.