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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/25/14

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VOTE HOIBERG. Grantland is all up in Fred Hoiberg's story. Great piece, but what's this about the NBA being "the honorable way"? I guess Coach K and Jim Boeheim are honorless?

WANT TICKETS? has ticket information if you want to head to New York.

EVERYBODY LOVES FRED. How the Hoiberg Shuffle showed the candidness of the team.

DAMMIT BABB. Please stop talking up Fred Hoiberg to the NBA.

STILL HOPE FOR IOWA STATE. Matt Norlander gives DeAndre Kane props in his East Regional preview.

BIG BALLS 3SUS. Naz Long has built a reputation as Iowa State's Mr. Clutch.

RANKING THE PLAYERS LEFT. DeAndre Kane (#3) and Melvin Ejim (#10) check in on Rob Dauster's list of best players remaining in the tournament.

LEGACY SECURED ALREADY. Travis Hines writes that the legacy for the 2013-14 team has already been written.



ROCKY PRACTICE. The first practice back from Spring break was a bit sloppy, says Paul Rhoads.

A HEALTHY WIMBERLY? Louis Ayeni is getting Aaron Wimberly to pack on the pounds in hopes he will make it through an entire Big 12 campaign.

BASE JUMPING THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. This is almost as sickening as that climb of Shanghai Tower.

CONDIMENT BRACKET. Go Ketchup + Mustard?

QATAR SOUNDS TERRIBLE. On the bright side, they seem to be procrastinating less than Sochi. On the other hand, there's lots of workers dying.