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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/26/14

It's unofficial 3sus day!

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#3SUS IS NOW AP OFFICIAL. Naz Long's wonderful WRNL nickname has now gone legit. The article also features a picture of what appears to be 3sus celebratory eye gouging DeAndre Kane.

EASTER COMES EARLY FOR NAZ. Kirk Haaland notes that Naz Long suffered through a stretch of ineffectiveness during the middle of the season, but is now resurrected.

NAZ'S IMPROVEMENT KEY. Jon Rothstein notes that Naz's growth has been a big reason for Iowa State's success.

HOIBERG PREVIEWS UCONN. Fred Hoiberg talks about his dancing and his expectations for the Big Apple.

PLAYERS COMMENT TOO. Melvin Ejim and the gang talk about playing the Huskies in a rematch of the tournament opener in 2012 (though only Ejim was around for that).

FRED TO THE NBA? A Minnesota TV station (of course) asked him about his interest in coaching the Timberwolves. Fred responded with a pretty canned response.

ALONE AT THE TOP. Looking at the list of coaches hired in 2011 is just more evidence that Fred Hoiberg was the best hire of the bunch.

IU FAN'S OPEN LETTER TO ANTHONY LEE. This open letter calls Ames "just another place" in college basketball. I guess that means Hilton is part of the group of buildings that don't have falling beams, so I'll take that as a compliment.

PRO DAY RESULTS. Iowa State's pro day was yesterday, and there's some interesting results in the mix.

REEVES CAN GET UP THERE. Jeremy Reeves still won't get a decent shot at the NFL due to his height (at least at CB), but he does have some impressive hops.

FAIRLY ACCURATE ASSESSMENT. Reddit graphs Iowa State's FB trajectory.

PURTY PICTURES! DeAndre Kane celebrating after beating UNC is among the pictures in SB Nation's gallery of best March Madness photos.

SWEET SIXTEEN PREDICTIONS. A familiar end for the Cyclones is predicted by the mothership.

A MESSY SITUATION. USF hired Manhattan coach Steve Masiello, then reneged on the contract when a background check turned up that he didn't actually graduate from Kentucky. Needless to say, Voodoo Five is not pleased about the situation.

THEY TAKE BASKETBALL SERIOUSLY IN KENTUCKY. Senator Mitch McConnell accidentally injected Duke championship highlights in his re-election ad. It didn't go over well.

NO FUN LEAGUE PROVES IT ONCE AGAIN. Dunking over the goalposts is illegal next year in the NFL, because why not?

CONDIMENT WINNER. Prik Namsom (a chili-garlic sauce, I guess?) is the winner in the condiment bracket.

TOWNS BRACKET. SB Nation is going all out with the alternative brackets thing, so here's one about weird town names. What Cheer is Iowa's representative.