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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/27/14

DEANDRE VS. SHABAZZ. Shot Analytics has an interesting read on how Shabazz Napier and DeAndre Kane get things done differently but equally effectively.

BUT NAZ WILL BE THE DIFFERENCE. Myron Medcalf says Naz Long will be the difference for Iowa State beating UConn.

UNANIMOUS FOR IOWA STATE. CBS Sports' panel unanimously selects Iowa State to move on to the Elite 8.

HEADING TO MSG. Iowa State talks about heading to the World's Most Famous Arena.

NORTHWESTERN PLAYERS WIN. A judge ruled that Kain Colter and his teammates can unionize. What does that mean?

AN ALTERNATIVE TO UNIONS. Former Missouri WR T.J. Moe writes about his solution to the paying student-athletes issue.

RAPTORS MATTER. There is still a plethora of Canadian basketball talent left at the NCAA tournament, and many are crediting the Toronto Raptors with the growth.

MEET THE NEW COACHES. CFTV caught up with Brandon Blaney and Louis Ayeni.

RHOADS + HOIBERG. In today's edition of coaching family gossip, Wyatt Rhoads is taking Paige Hoiberg to prom.

EMBIID GOING PRO. Yahoo Sports is reporting that Joel Embiid is taking his considerable talent and Iowa State nightmare production abilities to the NBA.

OR MAYBE NOT? From the man himself... unless he's talking about his choice for breakfast.

TOLBERT OUT. After the Dusty Hannahs transfer news, Texas Tech was hit once again by the transfer bug, with big man Jordan Tolbert on the way out.

UNC SHAM CLASSES WERE EXTRA SHAMMY. Just look at this paper that got an A-.

LOVE IS THE KEY. The primary ingredient of being a good college basketball broadcaster is loving the game.

SKATING WITH NO STEEL? Yeah, even NHL players look terrible skating with no blades.

ARIAN FOSTER HATES CAILLOU. And Spencer Hall is quick to throw his support behind it.