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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/3/14

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HEY GUYS, NEW CONTRIBUTOR! Austin Narber is joining the WRNL crew, and if you're interested in his past work, check out his blog Permanent Redshirt.

O CANADA. Randy Peterson suggests (and apparently Iowa State is considering) playing "O Canada" for Melvin Ejim's final home game.

DEFENDING MEL. After his second technical in two games, Melvin Ejim's attitude has been questioned by many, and Chris Williams is ready to set them straight.

TWO STRAIGHT FOR KANE. DeAndre Kane wins his second straight newcomer of the week award and 6th combined newcomer/player of the week Big 12 award of the year.

BRACKETOLOGY. Chris Dobbertean has Iowa State solidly at a 4 seed right now.

BABB TALKS NBA, HOIBERG. Chris Babb got his call-up to the NBA, and was generous with his praise of his former coach.

LADIES WIN. The women played the other team from the state of Kansas, and pulled off a convincing win, mostly due to countering Kansas' 3 point defense.

FIVE CROWNED. The final Big 12 track event of the year was this weekend, and five Cyclones walked away with titles.

THE ORIGINAL DUAL THREAT QB. A longform on Reggie Collier, the first D1 QB to top 1,000 yards rushing in a season.

OH MY TERRIBLE. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have revealed their new jerseys, and they're very... Arena League-y?

WHAT IN THE HELL, JON BOIS. Jon Bois tried to create his own video game. It is horrible.